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The Current Situation Of CMM
Nov 06, 2017

China Productivity Promotion Association, SEI, Beihang, research institutes such as SEI have already held numerous reports and seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in recent years, organized course learning and application experiments, carried out research and development work on software process, and published many research results and academic papers. , the support environment of software quality assurance platform has achieved some results.

In the past two years, the CMM has received more and more attention from all walks of life in our country, the industry has had many discussions about CMM, the June 2000 State Council issued "several policies to encourage the development of software industry and IC industry", which has given positive support and impetus to Chinese software enterprises applying for CMM certification, article 17th The software Export-oriented enterprise CMM certification costs should be properly supported. "2000 Zhongguancun Computer Festival also has a CMM theme forum, attracting a large number of people in the industry. Ding, Dongda, Lenovo, founder, Kingdee, Ufida, Wave, Chong Zhi, Huawei and other large groups or enterprises from the 1997---2000 years of the batch enterprises are conducting research, experiments or implementation of pre-evaluation. One of the company from 1997 to start the CMM certification work. July 1999 through the third party Certification Body CMM2 certification. Dongda Alpha Company in October 2000 through the third-party certification Body CMM2 certification. Lenovo Software passed the CMM2 certification in January 2001 after a rigorous assessment by Reuters Group. June 26, 2001, Shenyang Neusoft Software Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Dongda Software Co., Ltd.) formally passed the CMM3 level certification, China's first through the CMM3-level software enterprises.

Generally speaking, the domestic software process theory discussion and practice is underway, the goal is to make the software quality management and control to achieve international advanced level, China's software industry to achieve sustainable development capacity. Experts analysis, in the next two or three years, the domestic software industry is bound to appear the implementation of CMM climax. From this trend, China's software companies have embarked on a standardized, standardized, international development path, the Chinese software industry has been facing a whole breakthrough era.