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The Basic Idea Of CMM
Nov 06, 2017

The basic idea of CMM is that because the problem is caused by the way we manage software processes, the use of new software technologies does not automatically increase productivity and profitability. CMM helps organizations establish a regular, mature software process. The improved process will produce better quality software, allowing more software projects to be spared time and cost overruns.

The software process includes a variety of activities, technologies, and tools used to produce software. As a result, it actually includes technical aspects and management aspects of software production. The CMM strategy tries to improve the management of the software process, and the technical improvement is the inevitable result.

It must be borne in mind that improvements in software processes cannot be completed overnight, and that the CMM gradually introduces changes incrementally. The CMM explicitly defines 5 different "maturity" levels, and an organization can advance to a higher maturity level in a series of small, improved steps.

The whole enterprise will focus on the process of continuous optimization, take the initiative to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the process to achieve the goal of preventing defects. At the same time, analyze the validity data of each relevant process, make the analysis of the cost and benefit of the new technology, and propose the modification of the process. Companies that reach this level can spontaneously improve to prevent the appearance of similar defects two times.