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Optical High-precision Measuring Instrument
Nov 06, 2017

There are many types of imaging instruments, and that is why it is possible to use an imaging instrument to accurately measure various industrial manufacturing. Here, we will understand the advantages of this high-precision measuring instrument in the use of the process.

First, optical high-precision image measuring instruments can be assembled with a number of mediation of the light source system, so not only can well observe the contours of the parts, but also the shape of the parts of the surface, or the high and low parts of the situation to make accurate measurement results.

Second, if the use of cold light source system for measurement, can be to a large extent to avoid the phenomenon of deformation of parts, but also to avoid the occurrence of parts because of thermal deformation of a relatively large error. There will be no distortion caused by touch, and the accuracy of the measured data can be ensured to the maximum extent.

Third, the use of high-precision optical measuring instruments to measure the workpiece, the surface appearance of the texture and workpiece material, will not result in the accuracy of the measurement results, so that the current relatively high standards of non-contact measurement methods--3d measurement. In this way, the precise measurement can be achieved for the workpiece which is difficult to be handled.

At the time of measurement, this instrument also has the advantage of change and measurement. Because the measurement software used in this way is simpler to operate, the function of the operation has a greater expansion. For example, not only can automatically grasp the edge, but also can be automatic focus.