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Maintenance Of Optical Image Measuring Instrument
Nov 06, 2017

In the actual production, the optical image measuring instrument's use value is higher, has this kind of measuring instrument existence, only then may guarantee the production quality, but wants to let the measuring instrument's test result has been precisely busy should do in peacetime to the optical image measuring instrument maintenance.

First, optical image measuring instrument in the space should be a relatively dry and clean room, the specific requirements are the temperature to be controlled in the 20℃±5℃, the humidity in the air must be less than 60%, so that the parts of the instrument can be prevented from contamination, some metal parts are not suitable to avoid damp rust, once debris into the motion guide , the use performance of the instrument will be reduced.

Second, after the end of each use of the surface of the workbench must be clean, in the necessary conditions, the best cover dust cover.

Third, when cleaning the surface of the workbench, if the booty is not good treatment, you can use a neutral detergent to live in clean water to wipe.