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Basic Concepts Of CMM
Nov 06, 2017

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model integration, integration of capability maturity models)

Integration of various competency maturity models (i.e., Software CMM, Systems ENG-CMM, People CMM and acquisition CMM) into the same architecture, resulting in the integration of models including software engineering, Systems engineering, and software procurement, To solve the urgent need of software system engineering and software procurement in addition to software development.

CMMI Framework includes software Capability Maturity Model CMM 2.0, System engineering Capability Maturity Model, software purchasing Capability Maturity Model, inheriting product and process development.

CMMI: "Critical process Domain" 25, "goal" 105, "key practice" 485.

CMMI Assessment Methods:

Self-assessment: for the enterprise leadership to evaluate the company's own software capabilities.

Director Assessment: The enterprise leadership to evaluate the company's own software capabilities, to announce their own enterprise software capabilities.

Types of Evaluation for CMMI:

Software Organization's assessment of specific software process capabilities.

Software organization overall software capability evaluation (software capability Maturity level assessment).