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The selection technique of three-coordinate measuring apparatus
Nov 06, 2017

The use of three coordinate measuring instruments, should be easy to operate, the price and accuracy of the appropriate three coordinate measuring instruments to meet the specific workpiece inspection requirements, not blind choice. The main basis for selecting three-coordinate measuring instruments is based on the number of objects being measured, material, the size of the tolerance value and shape, location, size and other geometrical features such as the selection of three coordinate measuring machine, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, considering the specific production environment, measuring the feasibility and economy of the process, The accuracy of the selected three coordinate measuring apparatus or measuring instrument shall be compatible with the machining accuracy requirements of the measured workpiece.

For absolute measurements, it is required that the measuring range of the CMM is greater than the size of the measured workpiece, but not too much. It is not only economical and inconvenient to measure small workpieces with three coordinate measuring instruments with large measuring range, and the accuracy of measurement is difficult to guarantee.

Selection of three coordinate measuring instruments in comparative measurement for comparison measurements, the range of the three-coordinate measuring apparatus must be greater than the measured parameter tolerance value.

When measuring the shape error, the measuring head of three coordinate measuring instrument should be reciprocating motion, so the influence of return error is considered. When the accuracy of the workpiece is high, a high-precision three coordinate measuring machine with high sensitivity and small return error should be chosen. For thin, soft, easily deformed workpiece, the measuring force should be selected with a small three coordinate measurement.

For rough surfaces, try not to use sophisticated three-coordinate measuring instruments to measure.

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