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The main components of granite
Nov 06, 2017

Granite is a deep acidic igneous rock formed by condensation of magma in the depths of the earth, and some granite is a gneiss or mixed rock formed by metamorphism of magma and sedimentary rocks. Granite mainly consists of feldspar, quartz, black Muscovite and so on, quartz content is 10%~50%. Feldspar content of about 2/3, divided into orthoclase, plagioclase (alkali lime) and micro-plagioclase (potassium alkali). Different varieties of mineral composition are not the same, but also may contain a amphibole.

Granite is hard and hard to be eroded by acid-base or weathering, and is often used in building materials. The source of granite (Granite) is Latin granum, while the Chinese noun granite is translated by the Japanese. The early Meiji dictionaries and geology books translate granite into granite or flower-rock. The flowers describe the rocks as having beautiful markings, just or hillock, which means that the rock is very hard, meaning it is a rigid rock with a flower-like markings. Chinese scholars have followed this translation.

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