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The function of CMM production
Nov 06, 2017

Three-coordinate measuring instrument is a kind of measuring instrument, in certain environment, must use three coordinate measuring instrument to complete to the specific item measurement, then three coordinate measuring instrument in the production of what role? Let's take a look at the function of the three coordinate measuring instrument in production.

The quality objective in manufacturing is to align the production and design requirements of the parts. However, maintaining consistency in the production process requires control over the manufacturing process. The most effective way to establish and maintain the consistency of the manufacturing process is to accurately measure the workpiece size, obtain the dimension information, analyze and feedback the data into the production process, and make it become an effective tool to continuously improve the product quality.

The CMM is one of the most effective methods for measuring and acquiring dimensional data, as it replaces many surface measurement tools with expensive combination gauges and cuts the time required for complex measurement tasks from hours to minutes. The function of CMM is to evaluate the size data quickly and accurately, and to provide useful information to the operators about the status of the production process, which is very different from all manual measuring devices. The CMM is connected to the workpiece measurement through a sensor called a probe, and the data obtained can be combined with the dimension description of the workpiece or the feature of a workpiece, such as a hole. These size descriptions make it easier to determine whether the workpiece or feature is ultra bad. This information also provides clues to correct distortions in the production process that cause the variance.

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