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Maintenance and maintenance of three-coordinate measuring machine gas road
Nov 06, 2017

As the compressed air plays a very important role in the normal work of the three coordinate measuring machine, it is very important for the maintenance and maintenance of the gas road. The following main items are:

1. Check the pipes and filters before use daily, release the water and oil from the filter and air compressor or gas storage tank.

2. Generally 3 months to clean the random filter and filter filter filters. The cycle of poor air quality is shortened. Because filters filter the filter oil and water at the same time itself is also blocked by oil pollution, a little longer time will make three coordinate measuring machine actual work pressure reduction, affecting the normal work of CMM. Be sure to periodically clean the filter cartridge. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced at least once a year.

3. Check the filtration pressure relief valve regularly, whether the standard resin cup of the oil mist is cracked and other defects, whether it is contaminated.

4. Filter cartridge, oil mist resin cup cleaning, please use neutral detergent, in the use of steam cleaning, please do not directly spray on top (the maximum use temperature of 60 degrees).

5. Before the maintenance, must cut off the power supply, stop gas supply.

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