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Considerations on the selection of three-coordinate measuring machine
Nov 06, 2017

Generally, the selection of three coordinate measuring machine is mainly concerned with the following aspects:

1. CMM measurement range. This is the primary factor in selecting CMM. When we plan to purchase three coordinate measuring equipment, we must first understand the peripheral dimensions of the measured products, according to the size to determine the corresponding specifications of the three coordinate equipment. For example, in the selection of bridge structure CMM, the price of equipment and the span of the beam is proportional to the size of the length of the direction of the price is not affected, so we can only meet the scope of the measurement, do not have to pursue a large number of unnecessary, if the measurement of the workpiece required to be At this time, the selection of the CMM to put the whole workpiece on the table, but also to consider the weight of the product, can not exceed the load-bearing scope of CMM.

2. Measurement accuracy. The CMM is the measuring instrument to detect the geometrical dimension and the form-position error of the workpiece, which satisfies the accuracy requirement. When the CMM is selected, it is generally comparable to the measuring accuracy of the measured workpiece and the measurement uncertainty given by the measuring machine to see whether the accuracy of the measuring machine meets the requirements. Precision alignment is not a simple comparison process. In the technical specification of the measuring machine, the two uncertainty formulas and the repeated measurement accuracy of the single axle length and the space length measurement are generally given. The measurement uncertainty of the measured parameters should be limited to a certain extent when the measurement is carried out concretely.

3. Probe form. From the working form of the probe to the accuracy of the measurement results, the current commonly used probes are contact-triggered probes, contact-type scanning probes and non-contact optical probes. Select probe form According to measurement requirement, measuring speed and measuring frequency when selecting equipment probe.

4. Grating ruler. The grating ruler is the Reading datum of the three-coordinate measuring machine, thus requiring its thermal expansion coefficient to be as low as possible to ensure the accuracy of the readings. Now the research and development of the grating ruler is also around reducing the coefficient of thermal expansion. The measuring machine is divided into two categories: manual (or motorized) and CNC (automatic control) according to the degree of automation. Selection, should be based on the size of the test object, automation, operator technical level and investment size to weigh. Of course, the precision of CNC measuring machine is high, the measurement speed is fast, but the preparation time before measurement is relatively long, the technical requirement is relatively high, and the fund investment is relatively large.

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