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Basic requirements for measuring instruments in mould industry
Nov 06, 2017

One is the need to measure the mold of the instrument has a certain bearing capacity. Now a lot of molds are solid metal blocks, coupled with the processing of complex shape of the space surface, slightly inadvertently caused the measurement of the mold workpiece error exists, so the requirements of the tool for measuring instruments is to be sure to carry the performance of mold tools.

The second is to require the measurement of the mold measuring instruments have a higher accuracy. This is also a key point, now at any time the requirements of mold manufacturing more and more high, this is the mold also must be precise, precision requirements are very high.

The third is to require measuring the mold of the instrument to have high efficiency. With some customers on the mold production cycle requirements of the time is getting shorter, mold processing will be efficient, fast, which requires the measurement of the mold measuring instruments to meet the continuous rapid and effective measurement services.

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